Digital Training Solutions

We have our own broadcast, production and content editing centres in Madrid, Santiago de Chile and Mexico. Our know-how and dedicated team allows us to maximise the quality and responses necessary to use unique digital methodologies with the highest quality and efficiency.

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Digital production centres

In 2015, with the aim of bringing together, coordinating and promoting all digital services, Infova Automoción decided to create its own digital production spaces, a further step towards ensuring leadership in training services.

Today, around 25 specialists in the digital world work under this umbrella.

Content Development

Creating tailor-made courses and/or adapting existing content to a digital format, we use our own innovative methodology, ranging from content development to the production, editing and interaction phases. This combination allows us to offer motivating content that is easy to assimilate and understand, improving the effectiveness of online training.


We should not lose sight of the fact that gamification is not a methodology in itself, but a teaching-learning strategy.

It does not consist of frivolising the activity and turning it into a competition among participants, but of giving it a meaning that makes it a means to motivate and awaken emotions that facilitate the learning process towards the pedagogical objectives that have been set.


This technique transfers the mechanics of the game to the professional learning environment. Numerous studies recognise that facilitating the internalisation of knowledge in a more fun way, develops greater commitment to participation and increases motivation, as well as generating a positive experience that has a direct impact on the acquisition of new knowledge or the generation of new behavioural habits.

Talent Accelerators

The speed of transformation in recent times requires training solutions that make it easy to compile, organise and update each organisation’s in-house and individual talent.

Infova Automoción provides its clients with a methodology and tools so that the know-how of each of the organisation’s specialists flows into a digital environment with controlled access.
In addition, our service approach provides for the constant updating that the organisation requires.