Consulting and Transformation Solutions

We bring a global approach and more than 25 years of expertise in the sector to support our customers in their transformation processes.

Selling Skills

We develop specific skills for each professional profile and organisation, aimed at the achievement of objectives and commercial performance based on the people involved and not on theoretical models.

Successful commercial strategy execution is linked to intelligent behaviour management and the development of specific skills and knowledge in each role involved. Only in-depth knowledge of human nature ensures the desired transformation into observable behaviours. Infova Automoción ensures that the people who make up the organisation are its most decisive competitive edge on each market.

Digital Transformation

Infova Automoción accompanies thousands of professionals in the business digitalisation process. We have developed our own model for the training and implementation of digital tools. The main key to success in these processes is the speed with which we are able to transform people’s behaviour and secure it over time.

A digital transformation process involves analysing the elements with which we are going to interact (Hardware), the tool and its purpose (Software) and the people who will interact with them (Humanware).


The electrification of the sector brings with it a number of challenges for the industry. To support our customers, Infova Automoción has developed expertise in the field of electrification of mobility. We support dealer brands and networks with a model that allows organisations to quickly adapt to the new offer, the new product and customer requirements.

Electrification requires a highly structured training process that allows the commercial area to achieve a differentiated customer experience, understanding and clarifying confusing concepts in the current environment.

After-sales Training

We lead the redefinition of after-sales processes by focusing on the customer experience.

The digitalisation of the customer relationship redefines all processes and the roles of those involved.

At Infova Automoción we have been pioneers in the development and effective implementation of these new tools up to the support of transformation of traditional roles.

Our extensive knowledge of our sector allows us to guarantee the timing and effective scope of transformation processes in this area.

Sales to Companies

B2B business is key for most companies in the sector. At Infova Automoción, we have developed successful commercial processes for deployment by dealer networks. The key is customer loyalty with a specific system that is easy to reproduce and promote.

From passenger cars to heavy industrial vehicles, at Infova Automoción we analyse the product, the service, the available tools and the environment, and we define, together with customer, a successful strategy and metrics to determine the objective of each of those involved in the process.

Digital Sales

The pandemic has accelerated hybrid purchasing processes, where all or part of the customer experience is shared between the physical and virtual environments. Infova Automoción has spent years developing and training teams so that people can develop all their skills in these environments.

Infova Automoción has specialised in the development of these processes and in the creation and evolution of the platforms that connect customers and salespeople. In recent years, the organisations we have had the opportunity to support have managed to generate a competitive edge in this new environment.


The effective provision of mobility services requires specific expertise. No successful mobility service is fully automatic. Human intervention in the relationship is key to the customer’s perception of trust and the advice needed.

Infova Automoción has developed a Mobility Academy, a space that supports people to develop these solutions within a given brand or organisation.

Business performance

The dealership business is in constant transformation. Infova Automoción has developed a team of people who analyse the main business areas of the dealership, supporting people in the search for better results, both in the business itself and in the customer’s perception of its services.

The specialised team at Infova Automoción provides highly personalised support to ensure the success of the deployment of these projects in terms of specific, visible and measurable results.